You may not have heard of Physiokey or SCENAR therapy yet, although you may find it suits your individual needs as a viable alternative to other more traditional methods.

Simply put, Physiokey or SCENARtherapy is a technology driven way to help patients with pain relief by stimulating sensory nerves to induce a release of the body’s own powerful pain relief mechanisms.  It works to locates key treatment points and delivers targeted treatment for optimal pain relief.Anon-invasive method and 100% drug free.

To date, we have had some great results with this technology, in particular with improvingclients range of motion, discomfort including muscular tension, swelling, numbness, fatigue and pain.  It is also a great method to try if you find your progress stalling with other treatment options as it works in a different way by looking to reset our bodies pathways which may be now set in a stubborn, learned pattern.

How does it work?

Physiokey / SCENAR works by using a small hand held tool that uses electrical impulses to stimulateyour nervous system via your skin, the largest organ in our bodies.  There are a lot of nerves in this area of our body and this technology when placed on your skin measures in real time what the skinsresistance is via the stimulation of trigger and acupuncture points on the skin’s surface, which in turn is a measure of how your nervous system is acting.

It is essentially a two-way conversation between the device and your body.  It shows us where the deficits are in the area of the body we are working on, and the body itself produces a response in that area to help accelerate the healing process by promoting circulation, reactivating healing pathways and restoring balance to the body.

It can be especially beneficial for clients who have experienced pain or limited movement for a long time – the body can get stuck or get used to the signal from that body part so the body thinks it is normal.  This device shows the body an exit off that pathway, promoting the right area and restoring communication and a better healing process.

What are main benefits?

Due to the way SCENAR therapy works it can be used to treat many different conditions. It works to help the body heal itself more effectively than the body is able to do unassisted.

In summary, Physiokey or Scenar therapy have been shown to produce the following results:

  • Can be used to help treat any type of pain or physical dysfunction
  • Can treat both acute and chronic conditions
  • Quality of life and sleep patterns can be improved
  • Uses the body’s own healing capabilities
  • Encourages the body to self-regulate
  • Active reflex biofeedback means fullest healing can be achieved
  • Is non-specific and can be used regardless of your diagnosis
  • No possibility of over-dosing
  • Little or no side-affects
  • Methods based on 25 years of clinical research

It can help with conditions such as:

  • Acute pain – fast relief from acute pain such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscular and joint pain
  • Chronic pain – back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscular and joint pain
  • Musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction
  • Sports injuries
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Gastrointestinal conditions
  • Fatigue/low energy conditions&Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Skin conditions/wound healing and scar tissue

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 You can read more details and the technical terms associated with this technology on our website here, or you can view a YouTube video which Lorna Golombick worked on with Pinc and Steel, a cancer rehabilitation program.

At Lime Therapy, Lorna Golombick is fully trained in using Physiokey therapy to assist our clients.

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