Are you feeling over your cancer treatment and all the physical and emotional turmoil it invokes?   Our team will work with you to regain control, understand what is normal and show you a pathway of hope to the best possible new normal.   Research shows that rehabilitation improves pain, function, and quality of life in cancer survivors and can lessen physical and mental impairments at EVERY stage of treatment.   At LIME PHYSICAL THERAPY our skilled cancer rehabilitation professionals are here to help you maximize your recovery, regain physical and emotional strength as well as improve body confidence and control.

Cancer Recovery


Have you just had surgery? Are you in the middle of your chemo or radiation therapy? Are you battling with pain, fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath, lymphoedema, toileting difficulties, numbness in hands or feet? Feeling out of control with all the changes and wondering what is normal?
You don’t need to wait until your treatment finishes before addressing these and many of the other side effects of your treatments may have induced. (LEARN MORE) In fact, early detection of physical impairment is key in alleviating and preventing further functional decline. Some of these can be relatively easily addressed by rehabilitation interventions but can become very difficult to treat if they have progressed over weeks, months or years.
Prof Rod Macleod, PhD MMedEd FRCGP FAchPM is a Senior Staff Specialist in Palliative Care and Conjoint Professor of the University of Sydney, based at HammondCare’s Greenwich Hospital and has been involved in cancer research for 22 years. He states:
Patients would be shocked if they knew just how much of a benefit physical activity could have on their recovery and long term health, in some cases reducing the chances of having to go through the  gruelling ordeal of treatment all over again
See Our Services for further details of how our treatments can be varied and tailored to meet your individual needs on the day you attend your treatment.
So you have had your last chemo or radiation session – what's next? After weeks of blood tests and hospital and specialist appointments, there is a sudden hiatus. The security of checking in with a medical professional on a regular basis to decide on what you should be doing is not longer there and you are on your own. Well not quite – the lingering and often quite debilitating side effects are keeping you company along with the advice to take it easy and adjust to the new norm. You wonder, where do I start getting back to living again and will I ever feel like me again?
Well that’s WHY we are here! We want to help you address those difficulties, talk about what is important to you, set some goals and discuss what it will take to get to the end result.
See Our Services for more information.
Are you worried you may have lymphoedema and want to find out more? Do you have aching or heaviness in your arm or leg? Do you experience swelling, limitation of movement, tightness or tension in the affected limb? Is your clothing, jewellery or footwear tighter on one side compared to the other? Are you living with lymphoedema and need some support services?
Our expert LYMPHOEDEMA PRACTITIONERS can help provide information, education, and treatment for lymphoedema which may include a number of options. We will use best practice guidelines, combined with measures that are appropriate to your lifestyle to help you manage your risk (if you are in a high risk category) or the condition itself (if you already have lymphoedema).
See Lymphoedema Management for further information.
Maybe you have more complex issues going on that don’t quite fit into a neat little category, or span ALL of the categories. You may feel overwhelmed with too much infomation thinking that you need all of our services but not sure where to start. Feel free to give us a call or email us to talk to us about the difficulties you are having, so we can help you figure out a plan to address the most important issues first and set up your treatment priorities that fit with your current situation.
  • Our PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehab Physio can work with you in the Post Op, Recovery and Fitness Phases of the Cancer Rehabilitation Program.
  • Our Remedial Massage Therapist can provide relief from symptoms experienced during and after treatment

PINC Pilates


Key Benefits of the PINC and STEEL Program

We work with you to get you back to your life - your family, your work and your activities.

Recapture strength, flexibility and confidence in your body
Alleviate pain and muscular strain
Develop bone density
Improve sleep and reduce fatigue
Enhance mood and ease anxiety
Regain self confidence and improved self esteem
Boost energy and fitness levels
Gain valuable knowledge of new exercises to help prevent & combat health conditions & diseases