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Our dietitian is a university qualified Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutrition Counsellor. Her passion is empowering clients to make sustainable long term changes for improved health and well-being and she believes that the key to vitality is learning how to reconnect with your inner wisdom and nourish your body.


Nutrition Counselling = Supporting you to feel great from the inside out!
Are you fed up with feeling sick & tired?
Are you confused with all the nutrition advice out there?
Do you find healthy eating challenging with your busy schedule?

Let food be thy medicine and live a vibrant life!
Discover how to instinctively enjoy nourishing and nutritious food.
Improve energy, immunity, physical strength, health resilience and overall wellbeing.

Nutrition counselling is a compassionate process that empowers you with realistic tools and strategies to take charge of your health. Nutrition advice is tailored to your specific needs and preferences so you can feel supported in your health challenges and focus your energy on living the life you want.

Diet & Nutrition Counselling


Key Benefits of Nutrition Counselling

  Enhance your Recovery or Rehab program – dietary advice to ease symptoms, speed healing, improve joint mobility and increase muscle strengthn
  Boost Energy and Immunity
  Clarify the best Food and Supplement choices to sustain your health
  Heal Your Gut and relieve uncomfortable and embarrassing Digestive Complaints
  Identify Adverse Food Reactions and ensure Optimal Nutrient Intake
Overcome Emotional Eating and find your Healthy Comfortable Weight - without dieting!