Lime Therapy guest blogs – Over the past 3 years Lime have submitted many guest blogs to If you’d like to read any of these please use the links below.

Cancer Recovery

Why Is Exercise Important For Lymphoedema Management
How Can Regular Exercise Help During Cancer Treatment?
Joint Pain After Chemotherapy
Is Exercise Safe During Cancer Treatment?
What Is Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN) And What Can You Do About It?
Additional Therapies For Cancer Rehabilitation
Why is Cancer Rehabilitation Important?

Exercise, Health and Wellness

I Know I Should Exercise But How Do I Get Motivated?
Invest In Your Health
Preparing For Your First Fun Run?
Coping with Christmas Stress and Excess
Yoga Vs Pilates. Which One Is For You?
Be Careful with your ‘New Year’s Resolution’ Over-training!
Why Exercise is Essential for Good Health (and a few surprising benefits!
How to be Happy this Year and the next – 21-Day Complaint Free Challenge is On!
The Complaint Habit and How to Start Kicking it!
Seven Steps to Practising Gratitude Daily
Three Reasons why practising Gratitude can change your life


Get In Touch With The Many Benefits Of Massage

Essential Oils

Essential Oils To Power Your Work-Out
FRANKINCENSE – The “King” of Essential Oils


Should You Change Your Running Technique?
Is Your Posture Giving You A Pain In The Neck?
Core Stability for Runners